Cristian Roman
Post-doc Researcher @ Oxford Brookes University


I am currently on a post-doc position at Oxford Brookes Unviersity researching heterogeneous wireless vehicular communications and mHealth on diabetes with the EU H2020 PEPPER project. I have been at Oxford Brookes since 2011 when I started my M.Sc. in Broadband Networks. Previously, I was a student at Supinfo in Paris, France and San Francisco, CA, USA, obtaining a M.Sc. in Computer Science.

While studying I have done various internships and part time jobs related to computer networks and their administration. I am keen on exploring new technologies and enjoy analysing and presenting data in a clear, concise way. I enjoy working in a team but I also like to work independently.

My current research is focused on digital health and scheduling algorithms for vehicular wireless systems, with applications also in standard mobile devices. I also have an interest in mobile sensor networks and artificial intelligence. I particularly enjoy working with hardware and building prototypes/testbeds to validate/challenge simulations.


Three main research themes I am interested in.

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicle technology leverages recent advances in sensing and communication to transmit information both between vehicles (V2V) and between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) with the benefit of making driving safer, improving mobility and reducing fuel consumption.

Heterogeneous Wireless Communications

The aim of heterogeneous wireless communication is to make the best use of the available spectrum regardless of the technology. Systems will be able to select the best available technology or use different technologies in unity, in a transparent manner for the user.

Digital Health

Empower patients through the integration of new sensors and technologies to self-monitoring and self-management, in order to reduce hospital visits and improve quality of life.


A list of publications and presentations.


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Turing Building, Wheatley Campus
Oxford Brookes University
OX33 1HX
United Kingdom